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About Better Company

by Shree Sharda Group

The Better Company's core business is sourcing manufacturing overseas for our customers domestically. Backed by Shree Sharda Group we have offices and connections in Asia to source most things. We are currently working to source the following items to assist with the COVID-19 crisis, but can help source what you need. Please call us if we can help. Items include FDA-approved N95 masks, isolation gowns, gloves, and bottles for hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is also available, either individually packaged or in bulk.

We realized that reliable product quality and performance, continuously after-service and innovation are keys to achieving clients’ requirements.

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COVID-19 Test Kit

IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette 

A rapid test for the qualitative detection of antibodies (IgG and IgM) to SARS-CoV-2 in whole blood, serum, or plasma. For professional in vitro diagnostic use only.


The COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in human whole blood, serum, or plasma as an aid in the diagnosis of primary and secondary SARS-COV-2 infections.

Primary SARS-COV-2 infection is characterized by the presence of detectable IgM antibodies 3-7 days after the onset of infection. Secondary SARS-COV-2 infection is characterized by the elevation of SARS-COV-2-specific IgG. In the majority of the cases, this is accompanied by elevated levels of IgM.

Materials provided

  • Test cassettes
  • Droppers or capillaries
  • Buffer
  • Package insert

Materials required but not provided

  • Specimen collection containers
  • Centrifuge (for plasma only)
  • Micropipette Timer Lancets (for fingerstick whole blood only)
  • In regulations by World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Indian Govt. Approved
  • NABL accredited/Govt. Approved lab for Filteration Medium
  • NABL accredited/Govt. Approved lab/ SITRA for Biological Filtration efficiency
  • DRDE/NABL accredited/Govt. Approved lab for Breathing resistance
  • FDA Approved


Face Masks

N95 surgical masks (named because they filter out 95% of small particles) are the safest protection against illness. These are specialized masks meant for trained industry professionals, not consumers. N95s seal the area around the face completely when properly fitted, but they make breathing more of an effort. They also require the use of annual training and fit tests to ensure that the professional is still using them safely. Untrained wearers may not be able to fit them properly to their faces, or can compromise the seal by adjusting it incorrectly. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends N95 or P100 filters (which block 99.9% of .3 micron+ particles) for first responders potentially dealing with the disease.

Design of the mask –

  • Flat & fold with Exhalation valve
  • No interference with mask while wearing goggles.
  • One-way exhalation valve to facilitate longer wearing with low exhalation resistance.
  • Provision of Aluminium nose Clip for Snug Fit.
  • The elastic head band with adjustable fittings should be attached (adhesive/ultrasonic/RF welding/stitching) with the mask

3 Ply Disposable

Face Masks

Surgical masks, one of the most popular choices for consumers, are only mildly effective at stopping the spread of illness. Because of their loose fit to the face, matter can get around the edges of the mask and still enter the nose and mouth. Additionally, the filtering pores in the mask aren’t small enough to stop viruses. However, these masks do protect against spray, large droplets, and splashes, and they keep the wearer’s germs from spreading to other people. There is also one study by Raina MacIntyre, a professor of global biosecurity at the University of New South Wales, that shows they may have some effect. Her study showed that people who wore these masks in the same room as a sick family member reduced their risk of infection, but only if they wore them constantly while in the same room. Additionally, a separate trial by Dr. McIntyre showed that disposable masks carry lower risks for infection.

  • NABL accredited/Govt. Approved lab for Filteration Medium
  • NABL accredited/Govt. Approved lab/ SITRA for Biological Filtration efficiency
  • DRDE/NABL accredited/Govt. Approved lab for Breathing resistance
  • As per Min. of Health & Family Welfare, DGHS (Emergency Medical Relief)
  • NABL/Govt approved Lab
  • NABL/Govt approved Lab/DRDE


Bio protective coverall with shoe cover


Visual White, light Blue or light yellow Visual

Shoe Cover

Each Bio-protective Coverall to be provided with a Pair of shoe cover made of the same material as that of Bio-protective Cover all with elastic on the top for fitment and grip. The shoe covers are of 2 sizes 1 & 2. Size 1 shoe cover is to be packed with M size Coverall/suit, fitting over the Indian shoe size of 8 and size 2 shoe cover is to be pack.

Garment type & Size

  • Single Overall type garment with integrated hood (designed to match the head contour) with elastic around face opening.
  • Front zipper with lock slider and the Zipper should be covered with a storm flap with provision of self adhesive sealing.
  • Elastic is also required on wrist & lower leg area.
  • Sizes Medium (M), Large (L )


Sewing/ Adhesion/ thermal/RF welding /Ultrsonic welding or any other suitable technique or combination of techniques followed by application of Sealing tape in stitched area. Thumb & Finger Loop (One loop in each sleeve To anchor the sleeve in place) made of thin elastic tape.

Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol Based hand wash

Specification :

Formulation – 1
Content (v/v)

  • 2-Propanol : 75.15%,
  • 3% H2O2 : 4.17%
  • 98% Glycerol : 1.45%
  • DI Water : 19.23%

Formulation – 2
Content (v/v)

  • 96% Ethanol : 83.33%,
  • 3% H2O2, : 4.17%
  • 98% Glycerol : 1.45%
  • DI Water : 11.05%

Testing Procedures :

  • The sanitizers are tested for antimicrobial activity based on contact time with sanitizer and reduction in log count of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria and Bacteriophage (virus stimulant) lysis.
  • The alcohol percentage is estimated based on alcoholmeter/hydrometer.
  • H2O2 % is estimated based on volumetric titration.
  • As per WHO Guidelines

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